Our Team

Canberra ACT

Dr Jeremy Ackland

Dr Jeremy is the principal chiropractor and co-founder of Global Health Centre Chiropractic with his wife Rena. Together they were pioneers of the chiropractic profession in Indonesia opening the first ever clinics in Surabaya, Makassar and Banjarmasin. Dr Jeremy was a founding board member of the first Chiropractors association in Indonesia. Their focus now continues on 3 practices in Surabaya Indonesia, Maryborough Victoria and Woden in the ACT. Dr Jeremy and Rena have 3 active and happy children and as a family live a healthy and active lifestyle with regular sports, family activities and good home cooking.

Dr Jeremy first discovered chiropractic as an early teenager following injuries whilst enjoying competitive running. Once deciding to pursue a career in Chiropractic Dr Jeremy began his studies with a Bachelor of Biomedial Science in 1996 and graduated from Chiropractic college at RMIT in 2002.

A lifetime of Chiropractic care has kept Dr Jeremy injury free and still competitive in both running and cycling as well as triathlons. Dr Jeremy has a broad range of experience both in Australia and overseas caring for many patients across a wide range of ages.

Dr Jeremy has worked with elite athletes from Australian rules football to cycling and swimming as well as being part of a pilot program for a major retailer to introduce immediate care for injured workers. Dr Jeremy has in depth knowledge of geriatric care and the aged care system working closely with a number of aged care facilities. Dr Jeremy and Rena look forward to welcoming you to any one of our busy offices.

Dr Shona Hutchinson

Dr Shona graduated from RMIT University Melbourne in 1999 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Clinical and Chiropractic Science (5 Years).

“I decided to pursue a career as a Chiropractor after a history of many childhood health problems. Continual sinusitis, tonsillitis and reoccurring headaches were resolved when I began restoring my health under the guidance of my local chiropractor. I have a passion in helping people ascertain their underlying health issues and designing restorative health programs. Restoring spinal function and nerve flow by considering all aspects of health is a priority. I encourage the Eat, Move and Think Well™ health paradigm and am passionate about family chiropractic care of all ages - infants to the elderly.” – Dr Shona

A number of different Chiropractic techniques is preferred by Dr Shona, gentle specific Gonstead and Diversified adjustments, Drop Table, Activator Methods and Upledger Craniosacral Therapy (CST1). Dr Shona is also an advanced Emotional Freedom Technique (AdvEFT) practitioner and has attended multiple hours of instruction in Level I and Level II German New Medicine.

When she’s not in the office she is out getting fresh air - jogging, cycling, swimming or coaching with the Vikings Triathlon Club.

Maryborough VIC

Dr Ted Reataza

As a student of Chiropractic, Ted invested many hours observing the discipline of Chiropractic, various techniques and the results each produced. Having worked in rural areas most of his career, the past 8 years has given him great insight into the spinal issues that are common to these areas. From farmers to teachers, office workers, sporting people and those in the trade, Dr Ted has the tools to successfully get you out of trouble - short and long term.

Chiropractic adjustments also play a vital role in being healthy for Ted. Chronic headaches are managed with his regular Chiropractic care. He combines this with wise food choices and regular exercise. When he is not adjusting spines, he can be found enjoying the simple things in life, nature, food, family and friends.

Ted also has a keen interest for the martial arts, history and theology.

Dr Ted will be the sole Chiropractor at Global Heatlh Chiropractic Maryborough and will be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.